14 August 2007


Kids love being photographed when it is FUN! We had just finished the last of the family's portrait and it was really to dark to do any more. The kids, however had other ideas and wanted to continue. This was their idea and I just had to go along with it. This was the last shot taken on the day.... and the best.
In the centre of Brisbane there is an open area opposite the post office where the light just swirls around and glows. This is one of the portraits I have made there . You can see the beautiful quality of the light as it shapes the faces and highlights the hair.
This is another family who have returned for more portraits. I first photographed the couple's wedding and now it is the kid's turn. This is photographed at Wynnum-Manly at low tide so I usually suggest that people wear old shoes or Wellington boots. The shells may cause a problem with bare feet.

21 March 2007

We first met this family when we photographed Marcus and Chrissy's wedding in 1993. They have been photographed every year since. Their first anniversary, their first son Dominic, then Luca, then Marco. We design a different shoot every year for the boys. Chrissy spends an entire week before the shoot sourcing the right clothing. This year we went for black outfits, black sunnies and fedoras and Rob's motorbike as a prop. Aren't they gorgeous?
Rob has been taking Dominic's photos for as long as Dominic can remember. He likes to suggest some posing ideas to Rob now.

Three men in black.

Kerry was given a gift voucher for a portrait session with us. The day started out beautiful, then a storm came over. Overcast days are the best for lighting so we kept going. It poured. We drank cappucinos while we waited to see what the weather would do. It poured. There was a small break when it was just light rain so we moved quickly. This shot was taken as the umbrella blew inside out.

Liam was a very cool dude and managed to control the umbrella that was threatening to drag him off into the wild. You wouldn't know from his face here that he was having so much trouble.

We finally lose the umbrella but we don't lose Liam and he doesn't lose his cool. What a champion.

Favorites. This is an older photo that is a long term favorite of ours. Rob let this little lady have some fun and this was the result. We named it 'I can jump puddles'.